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First of all...

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Why Christianity?

The answer is simple, he chose me first. I grew up in a Christian home but I was NOT a Christian (will explain more in future posts). I would listen to gospel music and go to church for formality because it was just “for show”. I sat through church services being entertained instead of connecting with God. Through life’s challenges, I got to the point when I knew I needed something more. My life changed when I opened the Bible. I cannot describe it but I am encouraged by others that know the feeling I am referring to.

Why are you blogging?

I am reviving a past high school hobby. Back then, my blogs were centered on MY problems, it was my online diary lol. But after high school I abandoned the web page. I recently logged back into the account to delete the crazy things posted on there! Lol you can check it out if you are bored but there is barely anything on there now. However, I’m blogging because I enjoy writing and talking. I love to discuss deep topics about almost anything. I am an open, honest, and passionate person, and I like to reflect that through my conversations. I want this blog to reach people who are interested in learning different perspective.

What are you going to be blogging about?

Life lessons, testimonials, some movie reviews, and more. I think very differently. I am not sure what it is but I do not intentionally try to be deep, it just happens. I hope you are able to follow along with my intricate thoughts. I promise to keep it short and straight to the point. I hope that through this blog you can see the practicality of living a Christian life beyond the words.

How can you help others spiritually?

I have an awesome Bible study plan that breaks topics down by subject. Contact me if you're interested! :D

Blogging goals?

My goal is to fulfill Matthew 28:16-20. I pray that this blog transforms lives spiritually. I will be forever grateful!! I want to be encouraged by my readers and I want to encourage you guys as well! Ultimately, I want to be fulfilled while operating in my purpose through this evangelical platform.

How can your readers get involved?

You guys can become involved by commenting and sending testimonials to I encourage comments AND disagreements. Let me know what you think WITH respect of course. Nevertheless, please share! I appreciate feedback. I hope that we can challenge each other and grow.

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