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Are you interested in sharing your testimony to help transform lives? If yes, let’s get the interview started and share it with the world!


Purpose: Testimony Tuesday is a tool to encourage others with various backgrounds! I want to add more content on the web to inspire hope, growth, courage, change, and conviction.


Background Story: There was a time in my life when I was in dire need of encouragement/advice and I searched google and read many blogs, forums, and watched many videos because I wanted to see if anyone went through a similar unique situation. (S/o to Heather Lindsey and Ashley Empowers :D!!) Viewing other’s testimonies revived my hope and I no longer wanted to give up on myself. It gave me the courage I needed to fight in my battle. When I started to regain my life back, after the enemy knocked me down, I found it useful to encourage others continuously. I encouraged others by helping them during their physical fitness tests, giving advice on an experienced topic, or sending random encouraging text messages. Encouraging/helping others actually encouraged myself!


Goal: I would loveeee to see more young adults building their relationship with God through this platform. However, I'm trusting that the Holy Spirit will work that out.


Requirement: The only requirement is to share an honest transparent testimony on how God changed your life. The “type” of testimony can be your salvation story or a moment where God showed up and showed out! There isn’t a testimony too BIG or too small. Overall, each Testimony Tuesday participant MUST attribute their testimony to Jesus coming through for them.


Release Date: #TestimonyTuesday is posted on the first Tuesday of every month.



  • Step 1 - Submit a brief synopsis of why you consider your story a testimony. Let me know how you attribute your testimony to God coming through for you. Email me at


  • Step 2 - You will be contacted via email to set up a structured phone or video interview.


  • Step 3 - I am the content editor of the interview transcript, therefore, you will receive a draft copy of the interview prior to blog release day. You will review the edits and let me know if you agree with the final copy.


  • Step 4 - Video/phone interview will be posted for the world to see on the first Tuesday of the month. You will be notified which month your testimony will be posted.


Thank you so much for your boldness to step out in faith and share what God has done for you! Always remember, your situation was for you to experience, but it was meant for you to help someone else.

Please take a look below at prior testimonies and be on the look out for new content coming soon on my blog page or youtube channel :)


Until next time…


Peace and Blessings, XOXO


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