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In Loving Memory...

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

January 27, 2020


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"And for three and a half days, all peoples, tribes, languages, and nations will stare at their bodies. No one will be allowed to bury them." Revelation 11:9

It was more than likely rare to hear about someone’s death through any web platform in the 90's, in contrast, the average time of being notified about someone’s death through any web platform in the 21st century is probably less than 5 hours. What does this mean for us as technology advances? This means that we will possibly become more aware of our collective mortality while simultaneously becoming desensitized to the news we are engaging. Kobe Bryant's death is one of many with a hard cultural impact. There was a wide range of affected individuals from the athletic community to the young lives that were touched by the basketball mogul. But let’s not forget about the other families on the plane with him. The other passengers were in line with developing a better skill in their craft. They also had gifts, talents, and dreams to reach beyond the scope of their imaginations.

I can only imagine that as they boarded the helicopter on the 26th day into the new year, their thoughts were centered on living a meaningful life by way of striving for their ultimate goals and aspirations. I only want to imagine they felt safe and knew they would arrive at their next destination safely. I will imagine that in their last moments, as the chopper sailed through the sky, they entered a state of peace surpassing any of our understanding. As I imagine these things, I can only wonder if you are too. When you hear breaking news such as this one, it makes you ponder their last moments and the thoughts that swirled through their minds.

However, the way the news was delivered through the media was sharp and painful to digest. It makes me think about the scripture above. Clearly the author of revelation was way ahead of his time. This scripture was written by John, the disciple of Jesus. He carefully described the moments of the last days or the eschatological revelation he received from God. He asserts in the last days all the world will see the two witnesses death. I constantly ask myself, how in the world could an ancient writer fathom the entire world viewing the death of two individuals? This would've been physically impossible until the early 2000s where video technology was progressively becoming accessible for the world.

I find it fascinating that this scripture is more relevant today than ever before because we are constantly bombarded with news about current deaths happening within the first moments of the individual passing. Sometimes family members aren’t even notified properly and they are presented with the news rapidly through social media or blog sites. I don’t want to turn this blog post into a revelatory bible sermon but I think the path our society is taking informs how life will be for now on and it’s slowly preparing us for the moment described in Revelation 11: 1-14 (I’ll dive deeper into this text at a later time).

In response to this type of devastating news, I want to encourage you to take care of your mental health. It doesn’t matter if you were a fan or a friend. Everyone deserves a space to grieve. Last year I listened to Joseph Solomon’s thoughts on Nipsey’s passing and the harsh realities of online trauma. I suggest you check it out in the link below when you get a chance. Also, a friend sent me and others, the "Self Care When the News is Difficult" post which has allowed me to reflect on the emotions running through my head. I would like to add, it's okay to question and cry out to God for a few moments. We weren't designed to carry the trauma of the world on our shoulders. Only God can see and feel trauma but not be phased by it and I believe we are able to get through periods of grief because of what Jesus did when he defeated death and the grave.

The hope I want to leave with you today is, although those individuals have gone before us, I believe their legacy will continue for a lifetime. A legacy of hard work and dedication to live a life worth living. My heart and prayers goes out to all families involved in this tragedy and everyone effected by it. Please take this time to heal your mind, love on your family and friends, and live every day better than your last…

Until Next Time,

***Peace & Blessings, XOXO***

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