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He Saved My Life!

Updated: May 2, 2018

May 1, 2018

1. Thank you for joining farfromacurse in sharing your testimony. Please introduce yourself to the readers and let them know why you are joining us for #TestimonyTuesday :)

Hello everyone! I am Tabria Jackson and I am originally from Statesboro, GA where I was born and raised. I am the oldest of three siblings, I love to eat seafood, and I love to cook. I reached out to you because I wanted to share the story about my near death experience in my last car accident.

2. When did the car accident occur?

So, I actually had two car accidents in the same week. Both were a day apart in February 2017. The first accident was on a Wednesday afternoon and the second accident was on Thursday evening around 11pm.

3. How was your day of the initial car accident (Wednesday)?

I was not having the best day due to multiple factors: the semester was very overwhelming due to the high level Master’s classes, I was forced to move back in with family after being independent since I was in undergrad, the lack of a job pushed finances into a strict budget, and there were other life stresses. I’ve always had to live with people growing up because my mother abandoned me, so I was extremely down when I had to move back in with my uncle. While reorganizing my life, I set structured plans to meet harsh deadlines that created more anxiety for myself. My goal was to obtain my counseling license and graduate from my Master’s program in May 2017. I encountered the first car accident because I was not fully paying attention to the road. I was on the phone with a family member discussing my aunt’s wedding and I was rushing to get to school for a planned tutoring session.

4. How did the first car accident happen? What was your initial reaction?

I accidentally rear-ended the other driver. The accident dented the hood of my car but didn’t leave a scratch on the other drivers vehicle. Therefore, the owner was more concerned about me than her own vehicle! My initial reaction was to stress. I felt as if my life was over financially because I wasn’t working and the rest of my finances were budgeted for particular days. I remember calling my uncle and telling him, “I just can’t do anything right.” Moreover, he tried his best to encourage me to not worry because he’s a mechanic and knew the level of maintenance the vehicle required. I chose to sulk despite the car accident being minor.

5. How was your day of the second car accident (Thursday)?

I was hanging out at home completing work for most of the day and my uncle pointed out the damage I caused by rear-ending the other vehicle the day prior. He suggested not driving or to tie the hood down if I decided to. Well that night, I continued sulking and focusing on the negative side of the accident instead of being grateful that the other driver was not upset. I was totally disregarding the fact that the accident was minor. I wasn’t appreciative for my safety because I could've gotten hurt or sent to the hospital. However, I focused more on the materialistic aspect on the damage of my beautiful vehicle, which could have easily been replaced.

6. Where was the second accident and where were you headed?

The second accident was on 185-South in Columbus, GA. I was headed back home to my uncle's house. I went to my friend’s house to watch “How to Get Away With Murder.”

7. Describe the moments that led to the “traumatic” car accident on Thursday evening.

First, as stated previously, my car was not in the best condition due to the previous car accident. While driving, I was on the phone with my cousin telling her that I wish I didn’t drive the car because I was afraid of my hood flying upward on the highway. My cousin told me that she would’ve taken me to my friend’s house if I wanted to see the show or I could’ve stayed home and watched it with her. However, I wasn’t interested in spending time with my family; so I wouldn’t have chose the latter. I requested for her to remain on the phone because I thought I might need her to pick me up in case my car gave out on me. Some cars decided to pass me as I was driving slowly and carefully in the furthest right lane. There were minimal vehicles on the interstate but drivers passed my car accordingly due to my slow driving and flashing hazard lights. As my cousin and I continued talking, I told her my location in case something happened. As I was passing Buena Vista Road, I checked my rear view mirror and seen bright headlights approaching and figured they would drive around me as well. Instead the unimaginable happened, the reckless driver drove so fast into my car, the last thing I remember was screaming “OH MY GOD!” All I can remember was spinning uncontrollably in the middle of the interstate. My cousin was still on the phone so I can only imagine what she was thinking when she heard me yelling. Then my car landed abruptly and I blacked out at that point.

8. What type of vehicles were involved in this accident?

The collision involved an older model Tahoe against my two door Nissan Altima coupe.

9. Could you see the other driver immediately after the accident?

No, I didn’t see the other driver. The Tahoe went so fast that their car was totaled about 2-3 miles ahead of mine. They literally knocked my vehicle out of the way. Their vehicle kept moving forward due to the immense force. They were far up the road so they couldn’t check what was going on with me.

10. What were your thoughts as you gained consciousness?

When I gained some consciousness, I touched my teeth and seen blood and started freaking out. I remember the interstate being empty. There was absolutely nobody there. No one saw the car accident besides the driver that caused the accident. I remember sitting in the car trying to take the seat belt off but I couldn’t detach myself from the car. I continued to panic because my car was smashed and smoking. All I could think about was my gas leaking and my car possibly catching on fire. I continued to freak out and panic! I started yelling for help while shouting, “My car is about to catch on fire!! Someone please help me!!”

11. So after all of that, how did you manage to get out of the car?

All of a sudden, I remember being very zoned out and my eyes were filled with tears. Then I looked up and five black men were there. They looked like they did construction and their uniforms were dirty as if they completed yard work. They had a construction truck filled with tools in the truck bed. I remember all of them having a very dark complexion wearing white. I pleaded for them to hurry up and save me! I started losing my voice at this point because I was screaming to the top of my lungs. I distinctly remember one of the men being very calm and gentle with me. He immediately pressed the seat belt eject button and the car released me with ease. It felt like he picked me out of the car like a superhero because my knees were bleeding and bruised. The man assured that I was going to be okay as he walked me back to the other men. The other men inquired about my condition and he told them that I was fine. He said, “She was panicking because she couldn’t get out of her seat belt.” Another man told me that they just called the police and the ambulance was on its way.

12. Describe the arrival of the police and ambulance.

Suddenly, there was a bright light flashing in my eyes and someone was saying, “Look at me and tell me your name right now. I am a nurse from Fort Benning.” I murmured, “Where did those guys go?” She disregarded by question and continued to repeat that she was a nurse and she was there to help me. I remember seeing a lot of people and cars everywhere. There were people getting out of their cars taking pictures of the accident. It was so strange to me because one minute there was no one there and now there was a plethora of people and lights everywhere. Then I saw my cousin and uncle running towards me and then disappointment creeped back into my mind. I kept thinking about how I mess up everything! All I could think about was my uncle advising me to drive the car with the hood tied down. As he walked up, I told him that I wished I would’ve listened to him.

13. Describe your ride to the hospital.

I remember getting on the ambulance and I could hear both EMTs whispering, ”oh my God, I can’t believe she made it and she walked away with minimal scratches”.  I heard them clearly and straight up told them, “Hey, I can hear you, I’m not dead!” They apologized and said, “Well, we were talking about how it’s a miracle that you got away from that accident. Did you see your car? The accident was very intense and you’re extremely blessed!” Before the ambulance took off, another guy opened the ambulance door and said, “Young lady, I’m not sure if you believe in God but somebody must love you to save you from the car accident because you weren’t supposed to walk away from that accident alive.” I heard this repeatedly from multiple people for the rest of night. The EMTs proceeded to tell me that the nurse saved my life. I corrected and told them that she didn’t save me! I told them about the men that saved me. However, the EMTs said, “There was no one at the accident that fits your description.”

14. Describe the hospital visit from your uncle.

The first thing my uncle said to me when he got to the emergency room was, “If I don’t know anything else, I’ll tell you one thing, God had his hand on you!” So I told my uncle about the men that saved me, and then he said, “There weren’t any black men out there.” I knew what I experienced and I was not going to change my story to satisfy people! After I stressed to my uncle that I knew it happened, he insisted that the men must have been angels because there weren’t any men on the scene that fit the description. He told me that the nurse was taking care of me when he arrived. Therefore, for now on, I always say those men were angels because no one saw them but me.

15. So where are you now?

Currently, I’m living independently in Savannah Ga. I am a Clinical Mental Health Therapist at a Children and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital. Also, I graduated on time in May 2017 with honors in my Masters in Counseling. In addition, I recently got licensed with my associate license as a licensed Professional Counselor. I will be graduating soon in December 2018 with my Specialist degree in Professional Counseling and Supervision.

16. Is there any advice you can give to others in a similar situation or any situation regarding being a survivor?

SLOW DOWN! Sometimes, we focus on the future but we honestly don’t know what is going to happen next.

17. What have you learned about “family dynamics”?

Value your family because they will be there for you, love you, and support you during these type of circumstances. I felt weak after my car accident because my uncle was my main source of transportation for 3-4 months. My cousin and other friends helped me, but my uncle assumed most of the responsibility to get me back on my feet. He picked me up from my internship and school daily. He was following up on the incidents because I received 4-5 tickets for both accidents. However, I did not pay for one ticket! On top of that, my uncle ended up finding a very decent car to purchase for only $250!

18. You were very upset about the initial car accident, as anyone would’ve been, but how has your perspective changed on materialistic things?

Don’t waste your time focusing on materialistic things because they can be purchased at any time. I’m in the process of repurchasing a new car in the next couple of months.

19. What are your last words of advice for the readers?

Do not forget to count your blessings and don’t forget your true purpose in life. I took the exam for my license last year around the accident and failed by 9 points. I took the same exam this year and passed with flying colors! I’ve concluded that when it’s your time, it’s your time! You can’t rush God’s timing for you. Last year wasn’t the right timing for me to have all of the things I “thought” I wanted so badly. I thought those things were going to make me feel more important. Everything truly happened in God’s timing. We need to be more aware of the fact that just because we want it right now, doesn’t mean that’s what God wants for us at that exact moment.

20. How do you attribute this moment to God?

He saved my life! He wasn’t done with me because I wasn’t able to fulfill my purpose at that time. He gave me another chance and opportunity to fulfill my dream and I’m excellent at it and it reflects daily at work. I know God had this in store for me because I’m more effective with my clients and family/group sessions. I know he sent his soldiers down to save me because I wasn’t going to be able to save myself. The car accident could’ve played out in various ways. There could’ve been multiple people on the road and the reckless driver could’ve caused multi-accidents. The impact could’ve hit me on my side of the car and that would’ve caused an immediate fatal accident. The car could have crushed on the driver side against the median wall but the back of my car hit the wall instead. My uncle told me that the entire car was crushed instead of my seat. Nothing was safe in that car but me! Only God could do that. He is the reason I survived.

Thank you for reading Tabria's Testimony on how God saved her life! Please feel free to like, share, or comment below.

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